Handcrafted in the USA "Finally, an adult bib that doesn't look like a baby bib."
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Adult Bibs ~ Dignified Adult Clothing Protectors

Serving the elderly, disabled and those with special needs. Our adult bibs offer real solutions to everyday problems. A fashionable and more dignified approach to adult bibs, including styles for men too!

Our mealtime protectors provide protection from spills for the elderly and those with special needs: stroke survivors, individuals living with muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, Alzheimers, MS, Parkinson's, ALS, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, brain traumas and other neuromuscular impairments.

Styles for Everybody - Men, Women, & Teens

Floral trim on red adult bib. Floral trim on navy blue adult bib.
Watercolors trim on purple adult bib.
Black trim on burgundy adult bib.
Adult bib picture.

Adult Bibs for Dignified Dining

Fashionable bib-apron(ette) syling make our adult bibs tasteful and attractive enough to take to your favorite restaurant and to use at home as well - a more dignified approach to adult bibs. They don't look like baby bibs. Rather, they are styled to resemble a chef's apron, barbeque apron, utility apron - just shorter, yet long enough to rest on the lap while seated. Our adult bibs are distinguished, novel, and make wonderful gift items.

Each adult bib is handmade with a special, eco-friendly, soft and durable waterproof backing which provides added security and spill-proof confidence.  Our adult bibs will not dry out and crack as in vinyl or plastic bibs. They're durable! Throw them in the washer and dryer without worrying.

Gift box image for adult bibsGive these adult bibs as gifts for Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, Holidays, Get Well, etc. Each bib comes wrapped in colored tissue paper with a ribbon, and includes a mint. 

Our adult bibs are especially helpful when a wheelchair is unable to be pulled up closely to the table. They are also useful for just the plain messy eater, for those who eat on the run and in the car, and for protecting your clothing while applying makeup. Don't let a little spill ruin your meal.  Serve-it-up with these tasteful designs for dignified dining!

"The clothing protectors arrived yesterday.  They were wrapped so nicely and when I opened them up I was just 'blown away' by how well they were made!  The work was absolutely pristine!  You do excellent work and I wish you success in all endeavors."

  ~  Judy, Michigan
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